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Daniele Tirinnanzi Bio

Daniele Tirinnanzi
was born in Florence, Italy on the 27th of February 1979. Since he was a child he has always expressed interest and passion for art. At the age of 11 he was inspired by Rick Baker's work on Michael Jackson's Thriller. That's when he decided he wanted a future in movie making, and started learning basic make-up techniques. In 1992 he visited relatives in Los Angeles where, for the first time, he came in contact with the magic of Hollywood and was truly amazed. In the same year he enrolled at the Institute of Art of Florence where he followed sculpture, advertising, photography and theatrical scenery classes for six years. In those years he continued experimenting in his bedroom-based workshop learning all he could about make-up effects by trial and error. In 1999 he took Dick Smith's Advanced Professional Make-up Course, the greatest source of information on special make-up techniques.The same year he took the special make-up effects course at Make-up Designory school in Los Angeles, which really helped him refine the techniques he had been practicing at home. He's been working as a sculptor, painter and animatronic designer ever since. In 2010 He moved to Los Angeles, California, stepping up the the Hollywood movie industry.

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